August 24, 2004

IMBB- My Fat Greek Dumpling It's time for Is My Blog Burning? 7, the group food blogging virtual event. The theme for this round is Your Just the Cutest Little Dumpling and is hosted by Jarrett someone who has changed my life through his Food Porn Watch. In keeping with this week’s theme while also participating in my first IMBB Dumpling quest I chose to prepare dolmathes—grape leaves stuffed with seasoned rice. Something that looked relatively easy. What I found out is that there is an art to the making these Greek-style dumplings. With a little perseverance this are a crowd pleaser and will make you like a savvy culinary hero. Anya Von Bremzen, in The Greatest Dishes! provides a historical context to the dolmathes or more familiar name dolmas: “The vast stuffed-vegetable empire encompasses the entire Turkic and Arab-speaking world, stretching from the Middle East to the eastern Mediterranean to the Balkans into Eastern Europe. The nomenclature varies from language to language and often from dish to dish, with the most common term being a variant of dolma. Derived, appropriately, from the Turkish word for “stuffed,” dolma can denote a specific dish of filled grape leaves (such as the Greek dolmathes) or refer to stuffed vegetables in general, as in the Iranian domeh or Armenian tolma.” A popular appetizer in Greece grape leaves can be stuffed a number of ways--meat and then topped off with a hot lemony egg-based avgolemono sauce or stuffed with bulgur. In northern and mainland Greece, they are typically served...


what happens to the hole when the donut is gone?

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