February 16, 2005

Friday Fry #20 In 1968 the Department of Agriculture put into place a ban on the importing of Sichuan peppercorns. The law was not actively enforced until three years ago when canker, possibly carried by the spice, began to devastate citrus crops in Florida. Due to a new heat-treatment process the ban may be lifted. The peppercorn is not a true peppercorn but rather a member of the citrus family and carries a "lovely woody-citrus-peel flavor." According to a recent news report, "The deep, dark reddish-black dried pepper berries come from a woody ash shrub that grows in the mountainous regions of northwestern Sichuan. The peppercorns are one of the components of the classic Chinese five-spice blend, the peppercorns are so revered that they were once offered in tribute to the emperors of China, according to Sichuan cuisine authority Fuchsia Dunlop." What happens when you mix the 1970s energy crisis with the women's movement? According to Slate, the Crock-Pot whose motto"cooks all day while the cook's away " created a small cooking revolution which quickly waned. Today, Rival, who owns 85% of the market, has experienced a 20 per cent increase in sales. Could be because of economic times, a desire to eat healthier meals and the simplicity of preparation. The article reviews and rates eight slow cookers. In a urgent effort to control avian flu Vietnam has banned duck and goose farming. The disease has killed 45 people this winter. Many in Southeast Asia passed over making traditional New Year's fowl-featuring dishes...


what happens to the hole when the donut is gone?

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