February 25, 2005

Food Fit for a Queen Over the weekend I went to the annual Fancy Food Gourmet Sale, sassily called 'Food Fit for a Queen' sponsored by Under One Roof. The non-profit organization, based in San Francisco is focused on raising money for over 37 AIDS service organizations such as PAWS, Visual Aid and Project Inform. Every year donated gourmet food products are donated to the organization by participants of the Fancy Food Show--over 30 pallets of food. The event was held in an empty and small storefront in the Castro. The volunteers keep on stocking everyday. There is excitement in the air. One man was shopping for his wife via his cell phone--"do you need 2 liters of raspberry syrup?" Another woman was back for day two/round two. "Did you get to the jams yet? No? Could I help out by stocking them?" There's cookies, oils, spices, chocolate, syrups, jams, sauces, crackers, soups and beverages. I definitely got carried away by the selection and made the mistake of not enforcing a budget on myself. Of course knowing that all proceeds went back to the service organizations lessened the anxiety. I've had a chance to taste test a few of the products. I picked up two new dessert sauces from Charlie Trotter's line, Bartlett pear and caramel, the other a bittersweet chocolate-Kona coffee ($2.50 each). I served the pear sauce over a Cuban coconut almond pound cake for Sunday dinner's dessert. Dee-lightful. However the best food treasure that I found was a hand-made yellow porcelain bottle...


what happens to the hole when the donut is gone?

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