April 13, 2005

A Brick of Wine, Please This isn't a post about wine. It's a marketing post about wine. Quite a few posts have been written about Three Thieves and wine that is cheap due to an after market purchase and the addition of a screw cap. This is only a small part of the story. Three Thieves wine is produced by three vintners who call themselves "liberators of fine wine." The wine producers started selling wine virtually in 2003. The upstart winery bottled, er, ah, is jugged into squat glass containers that hold 33% more than the standard 750-ml bottle. Known as much for their innovative packaging as for what is in it, the Three Thieves may turn out to be branding geniuses. They have willingly chosen to ignore all the standard branding and packaging rules for selling wine. And they are succeeding. According an article in Brand Packaging, "Three Thieves sold 100,000 cases of wine under its namesake brand in 2003, its inaugural year. The brand is one of the hottest-selling table wines in the United States, and projections are for sales of 600,000 cases in 2005." The “thieves” are Roger Scommegna, Charles Bieler and Joel Gott. Scommegna handles the marketing responsibilities from the consumer packaged goods center of Milwaukee, while Gott is a third-generation Napa Valley name as he operates Joel Gott Wines in Oakville, Calif. Bieler's family operates Chateau Routas in France. The Three Thieves purchase supplies of high quality and premium wines from around the world, package it and distribute the finished...


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