July 19, 2005

Stage 15- Espelette d' Hincapie Lézat-sur-Lèze - Saint-Lary Soulan Distance: 205.5km/127mi Well done George! Since 1999 no team member of Lance's has one a stage (besides the man himself). If anyone has earned that honor it's George Hincapie. And he has done it on the most grueling of days. Now the fact that I was near tears in this victory says something. Perhaps I'm always rooting for the unsung hero. Absolutely brilliant ride today boys! The Basque region covers three regions of France and four of Spain. Emphasis is not on sauces put on fresh, local ingredients paritcularly fish, beans and pasture animals. Traditionally Hautes-Pyrénées produces such specialties as black pig, fatty ducks, Pyrenees lambs, ewe, goat or mixed cheese, but also superior fario and rainbow trouts. Local tarbais beans pair well with lamb, sheep, preserves and garbure (a sort of chowder). With the Barousse cheese, Etorki and goat cheese often served with cherry jam. These people don't mess around--food is taken very seriously. Historically the food is simple country dishes. The 1970s saw the rise of La Nueva Cocina Vasca (New Basque Cuisine) and its founding father, Juan Mari Arzak. According to Susan Herrmann Loomis, "New Basque cuisine retains the focus on simplicity and seasonality, but is lighter, with a French influence and exotic additions such as truffles or pineapple. Many chefs infuse their recipes with humor, playing with textures (vodka in gelatin form), sensations (fizzy dried fruit), and traditions (smoked sea salt)." A defining ingredient is the region's chile pepper which arrived in...


what happens to the hole when the donut is gone?

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