September 16, 2005

Recipe for Healing "New Orleans has become one of the cities of the mind, and is therefore immortal." --Cleanth Brooks, author It's been a while since I've written, mostly due to being overwhelmed by Katrina and a planned vacation to Banff (Canada). So today, in an effort to reconnect with myself, I went looking for hope. I promise, the next post will be worth the wait--I've been working on it for months! As mentioned many times before my interests in culture include food and also art. And what I know from personal experience is that art heals as it reveals. And given the number of creative souls that call this city home--the chefs, restaurateurs, musicians, vocalists, poets, writers, and painters--that have shaped New Orleans into a unique, distinct and as influential a city twice the size, reinvention is second nature. So after wading through a lot of articles that were disheartening I was encouraged by a Washington Post article saying that, "Folks are volunteering by the hundreds to conserve the city's art and architecture, several organizations report, reminiscent of the outpouring of volunteerism that followed the disastrous 1966 flood in Florence." {Note: Those waters receded in one day.} Another story of an artist in the New York Times, "surviving on water from a neighbor's pool," as "he spent his days making art from junk he picked up in the street and taking photographs of the destruction so that someday, he said, people will be able to experience Katrina through the eyes of an...


what happens to the hole when the donut is gone?

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