January 05, 2006

Food Trends 2006 At this time of year trend analysts and marketers issue their forecasts of what's to come in the next 365 days. Research and Markets, recently issued a report that "more than 90% of all new product development in the food and beverages industry fails." So let's take a quick look into the crystal goblet. According to the Washington Post, trend expert Faith Popcorn is predicting faith-friendly food products. We beginning to see this with Tyson Foods who offers a free downloadable prayer book on its web site. Another one of her observations is that women would prefer a more experiential grocery shopping experience. I've always thought it would be an rewarding outreach program to have a home chef posted at a central location in a Whole Foods poised to answer cooking related questions along the lines of "what can I eat tonight." The chef talks to the shoper, provides a recipe and off they go to get those ingredients. The shopper wins. The store wins. Where is that program? Sara Moulton, executive chef at Gourmet shared her predictions that range from an increase in Middle Eastern food and the rise of ethnic regional foods in the form of Italy's Tuscany and India's Kerala regions. Hotel Marketing, (a must read for me now!) talked with researchers who are responsible for identifying and implementing culinary trends for 2,700 hotels in many of the world’s greatest cities, reports breakfast is back. "Big, fluffy buttermilk, blueberry and apple streusel pancakes, sweet and savory waffles,...


what happens to the hole when the donut is gone?

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