March 02, 2006

Best Wicked Indulgence for $4 It's time for the Second Annual Independent Food Awards. Five days of acknowledge of the best food in the world headed up by Hillel at Tasting Menu. Shopping as a regular routine at the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market can make the locals grow fussy. Many of us are perpetually looking to experiment with new tastes and sensations. I know, we're quite a spoiled bunch of folks aren't we? But what this usually translates into is diving deep into favorite purveyors. Della Fattoria, an artisan bakery based north of San Francisco in Sonoma county, is a good destination for such an activity. This is an extraordinary family run operation with a client list that includes The French Laundry, and Sonoma Mission Inn, Without hesitation their wood-fire hearth-baked artisan breads made with all organic flours-- brioche, Meyer lemon rosemary, Kalamata olive, epi--are outstanding but if you can look long and quick enough (it's a fast, furious but friendly business on Saturday mornings) you'll find the most wicked delight, the peanut butter sandwich cookie. It's so simple and rich. Two shortbread like delicate rounds with a smooth peanut butter creme holding them together. Pair this with an iced coffee from Blue Bottle and you'll find nirvana. The name, translates from Italian for "from the farm" referring to owner Kathleen Weber's 14-acre Petaluma ranch originally owned by her husband's family. Weber has come a long way from selling bread from the back of her Volvo. For those on their way to the...


what happens to the hole when the donut is gone?

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