November 29, 2006

Per Se - 10.22.06 Tasting of Vegetables PARSNIP-VANILLA SOUP white wine poached bartlett pear with anise-hyssop leaves "FRICASSE" OF BRAISED SALSIFY glazed cipollini & pearl onions, young leeks, valencia orange "supremes" & "petite" mache with "sauce malaise" SALAD OF CARAMELIZED FALL SQUASH butternut squash "millefeuille," "Panade aux quatre epices," brussels sprouts, crispy sage & pomegranate reduction "PANACHE D'ARTICHAUTS" "confit of violet and globe artichokes, rainbow swiss chard ribs and nicoise olive "crouton" with armando manni "per me" extra virgin olive oil 2005 & aged balsamic vinegar HERB ROASTED HEN-OF-THE-WOODS MUSHROOM sunchoke "flan," Sunchoke "Chips and field mizuna BLACK WINTER TRUFFLE "MACARONI & CHEESE" "mezzi rigatoni" with cabot creamery's aged cheddar, black winter truffles and "brioche" breadcrumbs "CRESPELLA ALLA RICOTTA DI PECORA" k&j orchard's Chestnut "puree," golden purslane and chestnut-scented honey APPLE CIDER SORBET pumpkin "genoise" and custard with "gelee d'apfel cvee et confit de pommes" GARDEN SWEET CARROT CAKE cream cheese icing, indonesian cinnamon ice cream, candied pecans and black raisin "coulis" "MIGNARDISES" WINES Gaja, Rossj - Bass, Piedmont, Langhe, 2005 Clos du Bourg, Vouvray, 2000 Paul Hobbs, Pinot Noir, Russian River, 2004 ≈≈≈≈≈≈≈ Dining Notes: Dinner was with the King & Queen of Haute Cuisine, The Carters. It was our final dining experience and came after the close of the Gourmet Institute. It was our way of celebrating a friendship that was born over Oaxacan street food and continues over 20-year old Balsamic vinegar. As I wrote this up I am thinking that my, oh my aren't there a lot of quotes on...


what happens to the hole when the donut is gone?

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