December 06, 2006

Midnight Cookies- Office Bake Off Icebox cookies are not new to me. But lately I feel as if I've discovered something new. Most likely due to a small, or if I'm honest, a galley kitchen in my new place I appreciate them more for the ease and simplicity. In the 1927 the first commercially available electric refrigerator for residential use was available from GE for $300. Most utility companies offered them to customers for $10 a month billed via their monthly statement. As part of the$1,000,000 marketing launch uses and recipes were developed. The slice-and-bake icebox cookie was born. Most of the ingredients required for the many variations on this theme are on hand if you keep even the most basic pantry.Today they are so convenient that not having a log in the freezer is an oversight. Yesterday the office holiday bake off was held. I won first place and audience favorite for Midnight Cookies, one of my favorite and most requested cookies. Really how could I possibly lose? They are pure chocolate cookie with a crispy edge and a chewy center. Previously I've written of a somewhat similar but (believe it or not) richer chocolate cookie, pastry chef Jacques Torres's Mudslides. Oh yes, while these took two top prizes another secret entry under a colleague's name won second. The Pistachio Cranberry cookie can be found in the recent issue of Gourmet or online. Midnight Cookies I call these midnight cookies not only for their dark, deep color but also because they are the perfect...


what happens to the hole when the donut is gone?

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